About Me

meet-hilaryI was born in the Bronx, NY, and raised in Seattle, WA. After attending college in Chapel Hill, NC, I moved to San Miguel County in 1989. During my 27 years here, I’ve had diverse work experiences, immersing myself in multiple aspects of our regional community—from retail service to elected official to managing the $50 million Valley Floor fundraising campaign and bond votes. I have also had diverse housing experiences from tent and car camping to renting to ownership.

I am committed to our community and our watershed, and my accomplishments demonstrate my ability to make good things happen for both. My husband, Max Cooper, and I are raising our daughters, Maia and Zoe, in Telluride. When not working hard to make our community a better place, we ski, bike and hike with family and friends.


  • As a Telluride Council member, I took the lead on affordable housing as President of the Block 23 Housing Corp., actively participating in the development of 46 owner occupied units and 28 rental units.
  • Built a partnership of elected officials, local and national organizations to launch a successful $50 million fundraising campaign for the Valley Floor.
  • Successfully negotiated a $445,000 State grant for the Valley Floor River Restoration.
  • Created a broadly supported federal lands protection bill through a collaborative, regional process.
  • Successfully negotiated the inclusion of a science team to guide the Spruce Beetle Epidemic Aspen Decline Management Response, a ten-year forest health program on our National Forest.
  • Increased outreach, membership and grant revenue of Sheep Mountain Alliance, establishing the organization as an influential southwest Colorado conservation advocate.
  • I have a solid reputation of preparing for and actively participating in regional meetings. 


  • Have lived and worked in San Miguel County for 27 years.
  • Jobs include: Telluride Town Council, non-profit leadership and board member, festival, film and commercial production, marketing, publishing, property manager and retail.
  • Established strong, effective working relationships with local, regional, state and federal officials and organizations connected to San Miguel County.
  • Fighting for environmental issues has taught me the importance of listening and seeking solutions.
  • Raising two beautiful (and fiercely independent) daughters and an Australian shepherd.


  • I have a long-standing commitment to public service as an elected official, non-profit leader and regular participant in the public process.
  • I regularly commit my free time in efforts to help strengthen our community and protect our surrounding public lands.
  • When inspired and energized, I jump in and work hard
  • I am prepared and eager to be your County Commissioner.
  • San Miguel County is our home, we want our children to continue learning from all that this region has to offer.