I have the experience, commitment and connections to engage the County in regional affordable worker housing solutions. We have limited lands and funds, but there are federal, state and private sources to supplement those resources.

All regional partners must participate in the development of housing, and I am eager to engage the County in those efforts. As a Telluride Town Council member from 2001 to 2005, I was the president of the Block 23 Housing Corporation and participated in the acquisition of land, selection of contractors and/or the design and build of the following projects:

  • Wilkin Court: 12 owner-occupied family and studio units
  • Conversion and remodeling of Telluride Family Housing into 6 owner-occupied, deed-restricted family units
  • Phase 4 of Shandoka (the first green building project for the Town of Telluride): 28 rental units, office space for SMRHA and a maintenance barn
  • Mendota: 14 owner-occupied family and studio units
  • Entrada: 14 owner-occupied family units

Total: 46 owner-occupied units, 28 rental units plus an office and maintenance space

We sat down, worked out development and financing solutions and made it happen. It is possible.